ContourHD in car

The last few months we’ve tested the contourHD in our car. We have a 720p contourHD mounted next to the mirror on the windshield mount.

We’ve experienced that the contourHD is quite usefull for this purpose. In today’s busy traffic you can capture some interesting footage. Nice roads, extreme weather, accidents, ohter drivers (and maybe your own) misbehaviour. After your trip, just eject your memory card from your camera, cut the footage from your files using the free VholdR easy edit Software, and upload your HD video directly on Youtube or Vimeo, or on the VholdR website. They have an interesting community!

The quality is great. Here are some tips for recording video’s in your car with the contourHD 720p

  • Get an 8GB or 16GB miniSD card. Offcourse a bigger card increases the available record time. With the standard 2GB card you have take the files of your card after 2 hours recording.
  • When you capture footage you want to use, stop recording and start recording directly. It wil be easier to find the footage in the files, just look in the last minute of the video clip.
  • Use the car charger. The battery will last for 1,5 – 2 hours, so make sure you don’t miss any footage and record with your camera plugged in!
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